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Frequenty Asked Questions
General Information



Can I get my shutters made to the exact size I need?

Absolutely. We do not carry pre-made inventory. Every shutter is made to order. You can have any shutter size you desire (down to the 1/8”)

Do you offer discounts on custom shutters?

Yes. We offer discounts based on quantity. Whether it’s custom or not, the more shutters you order, the larger your discount will be!

Do you make any shutters in standard sizes?

Yes. We make shutters in standard and non-standard sizes. The difference is, we don’t build 200 pairs of the same shutter, stick them on a shelf and wait to sell them. We build ‘em as you order ‘em; besides, cedar smells better when it’s freshly cut.

What kinds of customization are you able to do?

Our standard shutters are the closed louver, the open louver and the board and batten. Each of these can be customized with arched tops, faux tilt rods, partial cross pieces, thicker, thinner, wider or narrower stiles, rails and/or louvers. You can even change the degree of pitch of the louvers if you’d like. All you have to do is ask. Some of these modifications don’t even require an upcharge.

I need to order custom shutters – what info do you need from me?

We need to know the style shutter you want, the overall dimensions you want and the specs of each component. A picture helps if you have one to email us. Do you custom match shutters?
Yes. Many times a customer has existing shutters that have been damaged or otherwise need replacing. Sending us a photo (jpeg) of your existing shutter sure helps us to match it.

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Do you sell shutter hardware?

Yes. To view our selection, please go to www.lynncove.com. If you see what you want, please call us for a price.

What style of hardware do I need for my exterior shutters?

That really depends on what you like. Check out the shutter dogs and hinges at www.lynncove.com. You can also use nothing more than screws to mount your shutters directly to the wall of you house.

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Will I able to install the shutters myself?

Yes. Assuming you can use a drill, hammer and screwdriver, and don’t mind getting up on a ladder, you should be fine. You may need the help of another person to hold the shutters in place as you put them up, but otherwise they’re pretty easy to install.

How do I install my shutters?

Attach your shutters to the wall promptly. Wood shutters will bend and warp if they sit around. As the humidity fluctuates in your area, water is absorbed into, and then evaporated out of, the wood. If the shutters are not properly installed, as this “breathing” of water vapor occurs, they will permanently bend and warp.

We recommend attaching your shutters using galvanized nails or deck screws straight through the shutter into the siding of your house. Screw through the stiles (vertical pieces at either edge) in each corner and at the midpoint on each side. Make sure the nails or screws are not too long, as you don’t want to hit an electrical wire or gas line in the inside wall of the house (2 ½” is generally ample length). This method of attachment is simple, quick, and looks great from the street, especially if you dab a bit of paint over the nail or screw head. Pre-drill holes in the shutters where you want the screws to go, as this will prevent the shutter wood from splitting. Alternatively, special hardware is available from most home-improvement warehouses for installing shutters. Follow the instructions that come with that hardware.

What types of surfaces can our shutters be installed on?

Our shutters can be installed pretty much any type of surface. For brick and stucco on concrete surfaces, you’ll need a masonry bit.

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How do I measure for my shutters?

Take a look at our Measuring Guide

What size shutter is right for my window (Width)?

The general rule of thumb method to select the width of your shutter is to look at the single windows on your home.  Measure the width of that window and then divide it by 2.  That number is the width of the shutter you’d order.  For example, if your window is 40" wide then your shutter width would be 20".  You could reduce that number by 2" without compromising the architectural appeal.

What size shutter is right for my window (Length)?

The height is the actual height of the window, excluding the sill if you have one.  Some folks prefer to have the shutters slightly taller than the actual window opening. Some prefer to have the shutters slightly shorter than the window opening. It’s totally a matter of taste.

What would the width be for double or triple windows? 

For double windows, you can divide the total opening by 4.  For example, let’s say your double window is 80" wide. Divide 80 by 4 and you get 20 - that’s your shutter width.  If you have triple windows you’d divide the total opening by 6.

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How do I order shutters?

You simply go to the Quote Calculator, enter your shutter specifications and follow the steps. It’s about as easy as it gets.

What if I don’t see what I want when I try to order shutters?

We’ve got the most attentive, friendly and easy-going folks to answer any questions you may have or to take your order over the phone. If you don’t see what you need, call us. We’d love to speak to you – (201) 531-0016

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Cedar shutters are naturally decay resistant. Shutters left unpainted will turn silver and last for many years. If the shutters are to be painted it is important that certain steps be followed to ensure that the shutters are protected from moisture and a quality finish is obtained. Painting with an air sprayer is recommended for the best possible finish, however painting with a brush can achieve similar results.

Can your shutters be painted?

Of course!

Priming the shutters:
Apply a good coat of primer on all six sides of the shutter. It is important that all six sides of the shutter are treated equally. Allow the primer to dry as per manufacturer instructions and re-sand the shutter with a fine (150) grit sanding sponge or paper until the primer is smooth to the touch. Apply a second coat of primer on all six sides and allow to dry. Re-sand again with a fine grit sponge or paper until the 2nd coat of primer is smooth to the touch. There should be no unprimed wood visible after the second sanding.

Paint Recommendations:

Any oil based sealing primer specifically formulated for red cedar will assure proper adhesion to the surface as well as block any tannin bleed that could occur. Think of primer as the Velcro to the paint.
The finish paint should be a high quality oil, acrylic or latex base exterior trim paint in the color and sheen of your choice that is formulated to work with the primer you have chosen. The higher the sheen (i.e. gloss) the more protection the shutters get.

The Finish Coat:
Clean off any dust by blowing the shutter dry with compressed air or a good dusting with a clean tack cloth. Apply the topcoat on all six sides of the shutter. Again, it is very important that all six sides are treated equally. If a second coat is needed, lightly sand the dry shutter with a fine (150) grit sanding sponge or paper until smooth to the touch. Dust those suckers off, mount ‘em and enjoy!

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How do I get pricing on your shutters?

It’s as easy as pie. Simply go to the Quote Calculator and enter your specs. You can get as many quotes as you’d like. If you have some custom requirements, you’re gonna have to call us for a price: (201) 531-0016

Are the shutters priced per pair?

Yes indeed. Each order of shutters comes as a pair.  Therefore, for each window you’d need 1 pair (a shutter for each side of the window). If for some reason you only need 1 shutter – call us and let us know.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can use Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, Check or Gold Doubloons (not really)

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What is your shipping lead time?

Most standard orders take 2-3 weeks. For an upcharge, we can get shutters out the door in a week or less. Custom orders may take 3-4 weeks.

What are your shipping policies?

Click here for that information: Shipping Policy

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship all over the world. Please Contact Us for shipping charges.

How do you normally ship your shutters?

We use FedEx Ground unless expedited shipping is requested.

How will I know when my shutters have shipped?

The moment your shutters ship, you will receive an email with your tracking number(s).

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Shutter Styles

What exactly is a Closed Louver Shutter?

It’s a type of shutter wherein 2 louvers are shaped from a 1” x 4” board. Therefore you have a beautiful louver profile on one side and a flat back on the other. The louver boards are mortised into the stiles and have no spaces between them – save for a small expansion space.. You cannot see light through a closed louver shutter. Wood Shutters Direct is one of the few manufacturers of the closed louver shutter and we do it better than anyone.

Are your shutters functional?

The open Louver shutters certainly are. Closed Louver shutters are primarily designed as a purely decorative shutter. The back-sides of the closed louver and the board and batten shutters are not meant to be viewed, therefore you wouldn’t want to close them over a window for all to see. The front and back of the open louvered shutter looks the same and could be functional

How thick is the material used in making your shutters?

Standard thickness is ¾”, 1 ⅛” or 1 ⅜”. Check out Anatomy of a Shutter for our standard specifications.

What is the size of your louver?

Please see the above link.

Are the sizes of the shutters nominal or exact?

In most cases, we’re pretty exact though we do allow for a 1/8” difference.

How much do your shutters weigh?

It really depends on the size, style, and wood used, but as a ballpark figure on 10lbs (4.5 kg) per pair for an average sized pair (49” x 16”)

Do you make interior shutters?

We can – please call.

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What is your warranty?

Please see Policies for that info.

What is your return policy?

Please see the above link.

How do I contact your customer service department?

You can call 201-531-0016 and ready yourself for the most pleasant of experiences you have yet to encounter when calling a customer service line.

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