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Wood Shutters Direct, building real exterior wood shutters for over a decade.

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At Wood Shutters Direct, we believe in quality craftsmanship. We build superior exterior shutters that are made to last. Priced to afford, our exterior shutters will dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home.

We began with a simple idea. We wanted to provide a durable, low cost exterior wood shutter that would replace the flimsy vinyl shutters that could be purchased at any home improvement store.

Our first closed louver shutter was the answer. It was ¾” thick with a rabbitted edge on the stile. We were able to build a real wood shutter, comparable in price to a vinyl shutter, which was all wood and would beautify any home.

Our Closed Louver has been improved upon in countless ways and is the true cornerstone of our business. Though the Closed Louver shutter is no longer priced or built as a substitute for vinyl, it is an obvious choice for the homeowner or builder looking for a beautiful shutter that can be customized to suit any requirement with a lead time quicker than any other built to order wood shutter on the market.

We now offer every style of exterior shutter on the market

Our shutter styles include Closed Louver, Open Louver, Raised Panel, Flat Panel, Board & Batten, Bermuda as well as interior styles. With options for fixed louvers or movable louvers, narrow louvers or wide louvers, arched or historically accurate shutters, our state of the art woodworking machines and equipment allow us to provide anything that you could possibly need in a exterior wood shutter.
Closed Louver

Closed Louver ShutterThe Closed Louver style is reminiscent of traditional fully functional louvered shutters and they happen to be our forte!
There are many advantages to the Closed Louver shutter.
Raised Panel

Raised Panel ShutterWe offer 4 different standard styles of Raised Panel shutters. RP1 which is a clear Western Red Cedar frame with Extira® panels. RP2 & RP3 which are all Western Red Cedar (frame & panels) and RPE, which is an All Extira® Raised Panel shutter.

Bermuda shutters are similar in construction to Open Louver shutters, the difference being Bermuda shutters are designed to be hung in front of the window with the hinge along the top edge.
Board and Batten

Board and Batten ShutterBoard & Batten style wood shutters are very popular across the south and northeast. The Board & Batten style is typical for cottages and barns while an Open Board and Batten is a great accent for picket fences or porch rails.
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Open Louver

Open Louver ShutterOpen Louver shutters include the Bermuda and Bahama styles as well as exterior Plantation style. Open Louvers have presentable fronts and backs, as well as allowing some light and air to pass through the shutter.

Quality exterior wood shutters at competitive prices

The folks at Wood Shutters Direct have been woodworkers for many decades. They are skilled in all aspects of woodworking and design. Many of the wood shutters available on the market today are mass produced, often overseas, with little or no care taken in the joinery, design or detail of the shutter. Our products are built to order here in New Jersey. We refuse to keep a stockpile of pre-built exterior shutters sitting around waiting to be ordered. We build them as you need them – to the 1/8” – any size, any style.

Our business is built on quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and most important of all, word of mouth. We have scores of repeat customers who have recommended us to others time and time again. Our expertise achieved through experience, our quality of work along with our wide selection, speaks volumes for us.

Support an American company with an American made product built with American materials.

Wood Shutters Direct – your one stop shop for interior or exterior wood shutters, shutter hardware and the guaranteed best customer service you have ever experienced!

We are always available to answer any questions should you have them. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

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